Welcome to Fresh Start

We seek to alleviate the hardships of homelessness and poverty and reduce the number of those who struggle with these hardships.

Our goal is not only to provide help with the basic necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter) but to provide opportunities for individuals to gain skills that will help them become employed and become productive citizens.

We have been helping with food and clothing for several years now and we believe that the time has come to move ahead with the next phase in our original plan. Right now we are working on raising the funds needed to move forward with a job training program.

We plan to begin with a small number of participants who would finish the program with work training, experience, and resume reference. Fresh Start is a non-profit organization. Financial gifts are welcomed and will be receipted at year-end.

Our Board Members

  • Bernice McNair, Executive Director
  • Cindy Teichroeb, Secretary
  • Chris Hopper
  • Shirley Dyck
  • Marcy Osterlund

Please get in touch with us at 1 (306) 960-9668
or send us a message using the form below.